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Anjali in ‘Mankatha’

The latest player in the mega ‘Mankatha’ game is Anjali. The ‘Angadi Theru’ salesgirl will play an important role in this 50th film of Ajith, a multistarrer being directed by Venkat Prabhu.

Anjali is the leading lady of ‘Thoonga Nagaram’, produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri. “She bagged ‘Mankatha’ offer since Dhayanidhi’s Cloud Nine Movies is producing ‘Mankatha’ too,” say sources.

Happy about sharing the screen space with the ‘Thala’, Anjali says, “it was a great experience. I am really happy and excited to be part of an important film of Ajith. Thanks to everyone involved in it.”

‘Mankatha’ already has Arjun, Lakshmi Rai, Premji Amaran, Vaibhav and other actors playing crucial roles. “The film is going to be a real treat for Ajith fans on his birthday May 1,” says Venkat Prabhu.

Source: Kumudam (Dated: 13-1-2011)

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  1. HBK says

    hai friends, i think ajith fans are
    huge let down for him, i don ’t
    know why you peoples are
    complaing about his hair, frankly
    there is nothing in the hair, film
    should be well scripted that is
    the main thing, don ’t give
    negative comments from now
    onwards because his enemies
    will use this and make the most
    of it. First of all we fans should
    appreciate these kind of
    innovations in films, otherwise
    nobody will come forward to do
    different things, he can ’t satisfy
    each and evey fan which is the
    absolute truth, so never let our
    favourite star down this time
    because this is very important
    film in his career, just watch him,
    admire him, and support him
    anytime, anywhere if you are a
    true fan of ajith.

  2. says

    well said boss…
    Can anyone tell me who has the courage to apear in natural getup in films that too a milestone film (50th film).

    who are we to question n command him to do this n not to do this n all. if some one questions Mr.Ajith then he r she is not his true fan.

    Iam going to change my hair color like my Ajith sir….
    The meaning of some one’s fan is just follow n take as it as what ever he does.

  3. Raj - The_Billa_Fan. says

    Hai Friends!
    See This Week Aanandha Vikatan! There Is A Gowtham Interview To His Fan!
    In That Interview, He Said About ‘Thupparium Aanandh’ That, Ajith, Kamal, Vikram, Venkatesh, Balakrishna & Aamir Khan All The Above Stars Are Reject The ‘Thupparium Aanandh’ Story! So, Friends It Is Not Our Thala’s Fault To Drop That Film!
    It Is Only Reason For All Stars Reject That Story Is Gowtham’s Ego & Bad Script!

    A Question To Gowtham :
    Why Gowtham Unga Dear Friend Surya vetchu ‘Thupparium Aanandh’ Panna Vendiyadhudhana?

  4. says

    i agree ur words HBK… we dono wat is script and wat s our thala’s character in dont command anythng about our thala’s hair….in white hair also thala looks so cool guys!

  5. san says

    as a actor screen presence is more important…. if the script demands a 45 yr man with grey hair means , ajith can certainly do it… but with grey hair he is romancing wit trisha and trisha is looking like his daughter… so ajith beware…. this will definitely be a negative and ll not attract by general audience…..hope u satisfy all of us……..

  6. says

    HBK Thanks for the above comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok I am gonna give one fact to all the thala fans i have got this info from reliable sources that our thsla’s charecter in mankatha movie is From SLUM Background so there will be lot of surprises in this movie wait and watch !!!!

    Cheers to all Thala Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    i am proud to be an thala fan i love my thala he ‘s my teacher, godfather etc…………………………………….. pls visit “list of tamil blockbuster movies .com” you find thala’s film in 4th place…………….

  8. srikanth says

    thala you are looking like old man in mankatha,make hair colour and act otherwise every one will criticize you,true fan will not like that

  9. Raj - The_Billa_Fan. says

    Read The Full Message :

    2001-‘FRIENDS’ Pongal.
    2005-‘TIRUPACHI’ Pongal.
    2007-‘POKKIRI’ Pongal.
    2009-‘VILLU’ Pongal.
    2011-‘KAVALAN’ Pongal.
    Naan Enna Kekkurenna . . .
    Namakellam Sandhoshamana Pongal Eppo Varum?
    Ivan Nammala Sandhoshama Pongal Kondadave Vidamaatana?!
    -By Tamil Nadu People!:'(:-(

  10. Jk says

    This is the PROUD moment for us..!!!
    Among the people who runs the flop movies to 200 days,250 days
    our thala showed the MASS by showing the Collection
    This is the Real MASS
    in mankatha ,our thala in white hair thats not the matter and all..!!!
    “thala the TREND SETTER in Kollywood”
    “thala the TREND SETTER in Kollywood”
    “thala the TREND SETTER in Kollywood”
    in style,mass etc thala thala thala..!!!
    also we hope thala dance becz thala in jolly,fun TEAM..!!!
    “Srikanth:true fan will not like”
    ha ha haa u r not the true fan..!!!
    watever thala did its an matured one…!!!!

  11. Raj - The_Billa_Fan. says

    Hai Thala & Thala Fans, Wish You All Happy Pongal!
    JK I Agree Your Words!
    Ok Friends! Just Tell Me About ‘Kavalan’ It Is Hit Or Flop?
    I Hope It Is Also Become Another Flop!

  12. Raj - The_Billa_Fan. says

    Oru Film Release aagi Flop aana kooda paravalla! Aana, iniku rls iniku rls nu solli selavu senju Banner ellam vetchu kadaisi nerathula vera flm rls aana kodumaiya engayavadhu kelvipatrukingala? Andha kodumai Enga town Chidambaram la nadandhudhu! Iniku rlz aagudhu nu sonna flm Dr. Vijay in ‘Kavalan’! Aana, Rlz aana Flm ‘Paa. Vijay’ in ‘Ilainjan’! Ipudi oru asingam thevaiya? Paavam Vijay & his Fans!:-(:'(

  13. Jaaffer Sadiq (Bangalore) says

    Thala’s true fan will like in whatever way thala is appearing on the screen…thalaiyoda inmaiyaana rasigan avarudaiya nalla ullathai thaan nesikiraan..
    In this film, thala is coming in his original getup which is fabulous..
    Narai Mudiyadun irundhaalum, alagaaga irukkum Aanmagan namma thala..
    Thala…nee screenla vanthaa mattum podhum thala….nee vantha mattum podhum… naanga paarthukkurom thalaa..
    Thala..unga padathukkaaga verithanamaaa wait panrom thala….
    Summa pattaiya kelappu thala ..yepodhum pola…
    Singatha Konja mudiyathu…Thalaiya Minja Mudiyathu…

  14. says

    dear thala fans ;

    i wish u happy pongal to all thala fans… i hope mankatha will be the best film of ajith carrer…… so quiet untill the mankatha release….. pls vote for our thala ajith kumar in to lead our thala ajith kumar … i hope u all must support our thala ajith kumar in he given website….byee!!!!!!!!

  15. says

    plz put color u hair. i want to young ajith.this getup not attractive thala…………….my exepction is down………..thala pollavaruma….am waiting ur 51th billa-2 the rock & rocket movie………………………………………………………………….

  16. Raj - The_Billa_Fan. says

    Hai, Friends!
    Now I Am Watching Our Thala’s Super Hit Trend Setting Film ‘Dheena’ In My Town’s Local Cable Channel!
    Our Thala Simply Rocks!

  17. says

    Sorry thala unga fans ellarum.. Verupethuranunga, neenga nallavar than unga fans ellarum romba kettavangala irukanunga… So avangala thitta vendiyatha pochi… Please i’m extreemly sorry thala… I like you also thala… But ur fans not understands that, show our “thala+thalapathy” friendship power… Please thala, just do one movie with my soul anna vijay…

    I’ll waiting for that amazing movie..


    Thanx a lot….

  18. Ambedkar G says

    Hi Thala,

    I’m ur very big fan………..I also have grown up where u have grown up with lot of struggles and bad commands.

    I’m proud to be a fan of Thala…

    I LOVE YOU ………..Thala….Ambedkar from Salem.

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