Ajith in Rajini’s shoes?

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Ajith in Rajini’s shoes?



The latest big buzz doing rounds in K-town is that Ajith will be donning the lead role in P.Vasu’s Chandramukhi ­ 2 which will be pro duced by Sivaji Productions.

Initially, Vasu wanted to make a sequel to Chandramukhi with Rajiniknath, but due to various reasons it did not take off. The director’s remakes of Chandramukhi have been successful so far. The first part Aaptha Mithra in Kannada, which featured late actors Vishnuvardhan and Soundarya, was a huge hit.

The remake version, Chandramukhi, with Superstar Rajinikanth, Prabhu and Jothika created a new record in the history of Indian cinema by running more than 834 days continuously. The dubbed version in Telugu was also a big success. Reportedly the director excluded many portions in the film that narrated the lives of ed many portions in the film that narrated the lives o `Vettayan’ Raja (played by Rajini), Ganga (Jothika) and her lover.

After almost five years Vasu delineated the sequences that were not included in the second part with more gripping moments in Kannada as Aaptha Rakshaka which also was blockbuster.

Recently the filmmaker remade the film in Telugu as NagavalliChandramukhi Returns, which had Venkatesh, Anushka Shetty and Kamalini Mukherjee in the lead. With the movie declared a hit by trade, Vasu is now planning for a Tamil remake of the same. Fresh reports suggest that he had discussed this project with Rajini and the actor recommended Ajith for the role. A source close to the actor said that Ajith was indeed approached by Vasu a few months back. According to the source, Ajith who is presently busy with his golden jubilee flick, Mankatha in Venkat Prabhu’s direction will consider the option once he completes the film.

Source: Deccan Chronicle (Dated: 20-12-2010)

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  1. says

    |Hi I am Rahul.
    I am biggest fan of Thala Ajith.
    I have some Request to Ajithkumar’s Film Circuit and Ajithkumar’s Fans.

    ¤ Plz Give good promotion and publicity for Ajith’s film
    ¤ Plz Release the film also in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannadam
    ¤ Maintainning the secrecy of the film is important for Script
    ¤ Releasing the film in Biggest manner should release the film atleast in 3000 theatres
    ¤ Our Thala Ajith Fans are Living all around the World. So it film circuit’s duty to Release Ajith film Globally
    ¤ Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka are some Tamil living Populated Countries. United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emitrates, Norway, Switzerland, Kuwait, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Omam, Muskat, Russia, Germany, Fiji, Middle East, South East Asia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, Indoesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Bahrain, Poland, Lebanon Region, European & African Territories are some Countries where Indian Film Lovers are populated. So Plz release our Thala Ajithkumar’s Film also there.

    ¤ Please try to Release our Thala Film I-MAX, 3-D, D-BOX Formats to get Global Attention ¤ Plz use Big Hollywood Distribution Companies like Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, MGM, United Artists, Orion, Miramax, DreamWorks, Buena Vista, Summit Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Revolution Studios, Dimension Films, Newmarket Films, Lions Gate Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Weinstein Company, Artisan Entertainment, Screen Gems, CBS Films, TriStar Pictures, Overture Films, Rogue Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures in India and also in Foreign Land for our Thala Ajith Films. ¤ Thala Ajithkumar’s Film Circuit and Ajith Fans should be active in taking action for seeing our thala movies in CD
    ¤ Indian film Biggest Blockbuster is 3Idiots which has grossed Rs.339cr=$76.95million .

    ¤ Our Thala Ajithkumar’s Blockbuster Movies:
    Varalaru- Rs.55cr=$12million
    Billa- Rs.60cr=$14million

    ¤ First 25 Days run of the film will Decide The Worldwide Gross Revenue it’s our (Thala Ajith Fans) duty to make the Shows Houseful
    ¤ Indian Film has not yet touched $100 million Mark. I want Tamil Cinema to make first and Soon. That to our Thala Film. These are some request. PLZ I REQUEST You to follow this in all Ajith films… Thanks to those who read my Request.

  2. says

    Thala dont do chandaramuki. Yes, i am sure that will not be suitable for you. Do the movie like billa, that will carry you and tamil cinema to the world. Already you have been seen in cannes international file festival, by doing such movie can move to new arena.

  3. says

    hello ajith sir h r u i requested u to do the chandramuki part 2 it will give u a new dimension for ur acting and also u done several negative roles in billa,godfather etc.. so pl do the chandramuki film after billa-2..best wishes for ur 50th film mankatha

  4. Navaneetha Kumar says

    Hi Ajith,

    PLease dont do chandramukhi-2. First u watch telugu version. its very worst story which repeats all the scenes in chandramukhi.

    Telugu Nagavalli is a worst movie and declared to be Flop by them itslef.

  5. Navaneetha Kumar says

    Hi Fans,

    anybody pls tell thala to avoid that movie.

    I watch telugu version recentlt. Its very worst .

    All the people are laughing for the Serious scenes in the movie.

    Climax is the ultimate laughter unlike in chrandramukhi.
    Pls Avoid chandramukhi-2.

    Dont trust on P-Vasu . he already gave u big flop ( Paramasivan). He is a waste guy. Pls dont do Chandramukhi.

    Do Billa -2 , movie with director Vijay and Murugadass.
    Pls all good directors are waiting for u. Dont do with P.Vasu

  6. ruban says

    Never ever do chandramuki 2. dont go with p.Vasu. We know what happended earlier in Paramasivan with p.Vasu. Even i found many mistakes in chandramuki itself.


  7. says

    hi ajith sir iam your big fan from srilanka.please do the chandramuki film part 2.it may give you a best name again,becouse you are the right person to do the remake films and stylish movies.best of luck sir from srilankan fans.sarath.

  8. Amar says

    small request thala, next thala, do a movie like “taken” it’s an amazing movie !!!
    i am sure that it will suit you.
    so remake it ^^
    u r the best

  9. Balaji says

    Thala please go for the billa 2 and next u go for any other movie:) bec its going to be a massive hit:)we r waiting for a great stylish movie billa 2:-)

  10. subramani says

    Rajini’s Endhiran broke all records in India including 3 idiots. So next it’s time for Ajith to broke all records, may be the sequel of Chandramukhi or Billa. Wait and Watch

  11. shahenshah says

    Dear thala,

    Chandramukhi II review is not up to the mark please think couple of times before committing. You can try making movies like transporter which really suites you in all ways and real car stunts by you will rock. I request you to look for Billa 2 it is the right time I feel thala.

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