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Pre-shoot trailers in vogue


It appears like Kollywood is evolving with new marketing techniques com ing up to lure audiences to cinema halls. Tamil filmmakers are catching up with the trend of promoting their flicks even on the day of the movie launch. A slick teaser and a trailer that is shot on the day the movies go on floors, is the latest style.

Actor Ajith’s Golden Jubilee film Mangattha was announced recently with a trailer of the film shot on the same day. Says its director Venkat Prabhu, “It’s one way of promoting the film. It reflects the genre and also arouses the curiosity factor. I did this after discussing with Ajith and my producer Dayanidhi Alagiri.”

Dayanidhi, too, has decided to reveal the first look of Mangattha and create a hype for the movie during the inter mission of the soon-to-bereleased Naan Mahan Alla, which is also produced by him. Even a traditional producer like Aascar Ravichandran has resorted to these new-age techniques. He launched his next film Velayudham a few days back, with Vijay in the lead and Jayam Raja wielding the megaphone. On the day of its massive launch, a slick trailer of Velayudham, which featured Vijay along with costars Hansika Motwani and Genelia was screened for five thousand odd audience.

“Pre-shoot trailers are made to unveil the look and feel of the movie. To some extent it does reveal the storyline but in an intriguing man ner. Nowadays, stars are also willing for it and cooperate in their best way possible,” says Ravichnadran. Now, Velayudham’s teaser ad is appearing on the television channels, arousing a lot of expectation for the movie.

However, few years back Susi Ganesan shot exotic teasers for his Vikram starrer Kandhaswamy. In fact, producer Thanu, known for his grand scale of production even allowed Susi to run the trailer at places where shootings were scheduled. Recently, 24 year old Bandi Saroj Kumar who has debuted in Kollywood with his flick Porkkalam surprised everyone with his slick trailer promo cut even before commencing his movie. “My trailer will reflect the genre of the movie and I believe that making it even before my shooting will help me focus on my screen play and come out with a quali ty product.” Vijay Padma, a former journalist who is debuting as a director with a flick Kolai Thozhil, has shot a trailer promo even before the official launch.

Source: Deccan Chronicle (Dated: 9-8-2010)

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  1. Gopi says

    Virunthali Movie hero Eshwar hav marked his words by telling his Favorite actors and actresses

    I like Ajith, Kamal and Madhavan. Among actresses, I am fond of Shriya and Trisha

  2. says

    தல இன்னும் எத்தனை பேர் காத்திருக்கிறார்கள் உன்னிடம் தோற்பதற்கு……

    சிலரது வெற்றி என்று சொல்லபடுவதர்க்கு காரணங்கள்:

    விஜய் – சந்திர சேகரன் + சன் டிவி, அவர்களது மீடியா + திமுக குடும்பம் + விஜய் டிவி

    சூர்யா & கார்த்தி – சிவகுமார் + திமுக + சன் pictures + ரெட் giant + விஜய் டிவி + நக்மா [இவள்தான் வாரணம் ஆயிரம் படத்திற்கு அவார்ட் வாங்கி கொடுத்தவள்]

    தனுஷ் – செல்வராகவன் + ரஜினி + கஸ்தூரி ராஜா

    சிம்பு – ராஜேந்திரன் + அவர் வேலை செய்யும் சேனல்

    ஜீவா – சௌத்ரி + சன் குடும்பம் மீடியா

    விக்ரம் – சன் டிவி [இவர் கலாநிதி மாறனுடன் படித்தவர்]

    தல – ரசிகர்கள் மட்டுமே!
    தல – ரசிகர்கள் மட்டுமே!
    தல – ரசிகர்கள் மட்டுமே!

    தல இன்னும் எத்தனை பேர் காத்திருக்கிறார்கள் உன்னிடம் தோற்பதற்கு……

  3. Shameen says

    I am not advising him and i know he is a more capable actor than other contemporary. But as I am a big fan of Mr. Ajith Kumar I want him to still prove in this cine industry that he can do any thing even he met somany accidents. So please ask him to bring back his look like (Kireedam Or Thirupathi), So please reduce the weight. Mr. Ajith please do not believe the “JALDRAS” around you work for your body language and work for your charecter. I wish you to get a good story and good team for your bright hit future.

    One more request please do not fight with Mr. Gautham Manon and work with him in a film.

  4. says


    Yeah even i am more eager for his body to look more fit ut we would not know what the script with Mangaatha demands rite ?, so lets see there is still another month for the proper cshedule to start so by that time we could see how his body looks , As a fan i told the other side of ajith sir, regarding his mannerism so that does not mean we are his jaldras , any way no problem i have not taken your words to my mind , as we are fans of ajith sir all we want is a block buster, i hope he see’s your comment and reduces weight .

    Yes he his capable of giving good charecters indded a good actor , lets hope for the best .

    Regarding gowtham menon fight, Its was gowtham who started all this i understand that our thala did a mistake by consenting to make a movie with later he asked him to wait for 2011 . But Venkat prabhu , Visnu, are waiting for thala for more than 3 years . any thts secondary gowtham should mind his tongue he sould not have used such comments later ajith have nver comented on this issue see thts the mannerism which we like in him . Any way its all hapeened . lets see how it goes from here .

    Good to see you comments so enthu for our thala . i jus hope your comments reaches our thala .


  5. Sulthan says

    For all Tala fans its a great news from the kollywood that our tala is going to act in Madarasapatinam director vijay movie in Feb 2011 Vijay has narrated a story to our tala he has given the go ahead signal to him mean time he is going to do a film with Vikram meantime tala will also complete his 50th Film Mankatha…..

    Its really a good news for our tala fans after that Billllllllllllllllla 2

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