Ajith’s 50th film: Mangaatha?

For some time now there was confusion about who would direct Ajith’s 50th film.

Earlier, Gowtham Menon was supposed to wield the megaphone for this film, which is produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri of Cloud Nine Productions. Now we hear that Gowtham Menon has walked out of the film due to other projects. It’s not clear if they have dropped the project or if it is likely to happen in future. As far as the 50th film is concerned, Venkat Prabhu will direct it.

The film is tentatively titled ‘Mangaatha’ and will be a multi-starrer. Venkat Prabhu is currently holding talks with a Tollywood superstar for playing another lead role. Venkat Prabhu’s cousin Yuvan Shankar Raja will score the music while Sakthi Saravanan is expected to handle the camera.

As of now, Venkat Prabhu is in Hyderabad, discussing the script with few actors and official confirmations pertaining to his project will be made shortly as the producers plan to commence the shooting by the first week of August.

Source: Expressbuzz.Com (Dated: 30-6-2010)

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  1. Amin says

    Thaniya niilu thala……….pls no need side hero………or if the movie is hit,the credit will go to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amin-Haja Sameer,Jamel,shameem,Rifas,Thoufeeq!
    V are all thala fans………..
    So Please dont keep anyone equal to thala!
    Thala Pesa padanum!

  2. av surya says

    all the best to mr.thala & venket prabu…dont carried away with thala mass mr. venketprabu, trust ur script & give us a great movie ……..

  3. Abdul says

    Mutistarer Mean The Main Hero Is Thala Ajith Kumar and Co Star will be Nagarjun Like

    Kuch Kuch Hotahe , hindi Movies Always Like that

  4. says

    Hi thala fans,

    It seem thala is strugling with selecting director. I appreciate selecting venket brabu instead of gauthem. B’coz, All gaudem film is looking same theme, its only reaching to A’ class audience, But venket film should be gives entertainment in all the way. Thala can show his diff acting from same kind of asal, billa style. Its definitly required for thala.

    You know i am a vijay fan. But i like ajith and his self confident…

    Dont bother ajith fans, change of director shoud contain some reason. Dont disappoint with this one. Controversy over ajith – vijay is not good, coz they both ate friends but fans are still not understanding.

    All the best for his upcoming film…

  5. raja says

    அஜீத் படத்தில் கவுதம் இல்லை. கிட்டதட்ட முடிவுக்கு வந்துவிட்டது டிராமா. ஸ்டைலிஷ்ஷானை நடையில் படம் இயக்குகிற கவுதமை ஏன் வேண்டாம் என்று புறந்தள்ளினார் அஜீத்? மண்டைக்குள் ஆயிரம் வோல்டேஜ் பவரோடு இறங்குகிற இந்த கேள்விக்கு பதில் தெரியாமல் விழிக்கிறார்கள் தலயின் அப்பாவி ரசிகர்கள். ஆனால் அதற்கான விடையும் மெல்ல கசிகிறது கோடம்பாக்கத்தில்.

    இந்த படத்தை எப்போது துவங்கி எப்போது முடிப்பது என்பது குறித்த பேச்சு வார்த்தைகயில் இறங்கினார்களாம் இருவரும். அந்த நேரத்தில் அஜீத் சொன்ன தேதிகளில் ‘நான் மும்பையில் இருப்பேன்’ என்று கூறியிருக்கிறார் கவுதம். காக்க காக்க மற்றும் விண்ணை தாண்டி வருவாயா படங்களின் இந்தி ரீமேக்கை அந்த கால கட்டங்களில்தான் எடுக்கப் போகிறாராம் அவர். அதனால் இடையிடையே மாதம் 15 நாட்களாக வந்து இந்த படத்தை எடுத்து தருகிறேன் என்பதுதான் கவுதம் அஜீத் படத்திற்கு தருகிற கால்ஷீட். அதிர்ந்து போன அஜீத், நான் நடிக்கிற படத்தில் முழு ஈடுபாடு காட்டாமல் நீங்கள் வேறு படங்களையும் அதே நேரத்தில் இயக்கினால் எப்படி என்று கேட்டதாக தெரிகிறது.

    அதற்கு கவுதம் கொடுத்த விளக்கம் அஜீத்திற்கு திருப்தியளிக்காமல் போனதால்தான் இந்த புராஜக்டை அவர் கை கழுவினார் என்கிறார்கள். சினிமாவில் எது வேண்டுமானாலும் நடக்கும். அல்லது நடக்காமலும் போகும்.

  6. prabhu says

    hey i think this fellow (unknown name Must Read ) since he/she is a vijay fan… he want our thala ajith’s 50th movie also to flop like vijay’s 50th film sura…. even though i am ajith fan i watched that fellows film sura ,,, its like a 3 hours TV serial… so we dont want any vijay fan to put a comment here in this website………

  7. Ajith Fan says

    hey thala,

    As you said already in an interview that “every minute is money” and you dont like to waste your time. so i think since gautham is working on some other project you are planning to utilize this time and you want to earn some money by doing another quick project with venkat prabbhu…

    IF its rite ok please goahead with venkat prabhu, because every body in this world is working for MONEY….

    IF you say NO please choose some good directors…

    i think small actor’s like simbu, suriya andb karthick can able to select thier script and director very correctly

    ” why cant you give a good flim now a days…. ”

    eventhough you have given many flop movies , still you are in the tamil cinema industry means it because of us (Fans). a true fan means not saying that ” thala what ever you do dont worry we will stand behind you”

    I think , Real fan means we have to suggest you the good and if you are going in the wrong direction…. we should inform you that its wrong

    you should really feel proud to have these many fans…. I am sure that no other actor will have this kind of fans who is spending some money and time to write thier comments.

    still we hope that you will change the director ( join with Gautham or A.r Moorugadaas) for your 50th movies

    All the best……………

  8. says

    Dear Mr. Prabhu,

    I dont want ajith film again want to flop. Even i am a vijay fan but still i like to see our thala, suriya, and all other actors film. Infact, all actors having their own skill and talents.

    Just because of vijay fan, i dont expect and want ajith film going to fauiler. You know prabhu, I like ajith recent films of asal and agan. But u r having negative attitude on my positive command.

    Infact, Nowadays Ajith-Vijay are good family friends. See one link video is available in this website. They knew about each other. but i am asking you that why u r having there kind of wrong attitude on other actor. This not only to ajith fans and its also to vijay/suriya fans.

    What is your problem Mr.prabhu… You want to know i am batcha. I am accepting some of ajith and vijay fans having wrong attitude on other actor. But i am telling to all that its worthless.

    Even i too expect Ajith – Gautham project but some problem they r not tie up.

    I am asking to all ajith fans that do u have confident on thala or director like gauthem?

    First you believe your thala. he has perfect skill to give success. Then why all are demending ajith want to tie with gauthem. Dont see the director, believe ur thala, surly he will deliever success. I too expect success of ajith, even i am a vijay fan.

    I am asking why vijay fans not command on this site. See any wrong word or wrond command i posted. Its true. If u read this u can realise. Break out your wrong attitide.

  9. thalafan says

    why do u all people worry abt gautham..he is not the only director alive..trust THALA alone…

  10. [email protected] says

    why do these people create some expectation & betray us already ajith has missed some of the best movie scripts. every one must learn from kamal haasan that don’t try to satisfy ur fan try to give a quality movie. please thala team up with gautham for ur 51st movie atleast we want to see u in a new getup. don’t act with the saran,rajusundaram & other fools those who are bent upon spoiling ur career, asal story was good but very bad direction, if this scenario continues then people will say ajith acting panna varadhu, already we are being made fun off why continue the same thing.please thala work with k.s. ravikumar,vishnuvardan,shankar,gautham,murugadass,have yugi sethu as ur guide , we don’t want one more jana,g,aanjaneyaa,aalwar,aegan,asal. your films in1996 won national awards, songs topped the charts , now ur giving only 1 movie in a year why don’t u make movies like aamir khan,, it really sounds silly when u say good movie dosn.t needs publicity and music has come good in asal , please thala u have got the largest fan following please don’t put us down, u must prove a point to every one who crticised u .plz act under gautham

  11. manivanann j says

    Thala became more popular by new diretor and small directors. Thala is not dependent others like Goutham, Shanker, Mani Ratnam for suceess.

    Thala stand alone.

    I am strongly beleive thala thala thala thala only.

  12. Billa_Bharath says

    Thala is living only for his fans and he is doing what ever he can to satisfy his fans.
    We thala fans would make every movie of him super hit even if it is an flop story.
    Thala keep rocking and we are there for u. All the best for 50th movie mangatha.

  13. Billa_Bharath says

    Sir you take a movie with a director who is creative but not simply with big director. Because i know that we would like you do any film which is creative and entertaining. Thala all the best for you 50th movie. Thala please come to madurai for you 50th movie

  14. meeran says

    Don’t compare anyone to ajith because he is different from others. whatever he do thala fans are ready to see his film and we believe his self confiden. we r happy, the ajith to do the film with venkat. All the best mangaatha team.

  15. harish pillai says

    HI EVERY ONE!!!!!

  16. R ARUN says


    hai to evry one of my dear ajithfans pls don’t compare with any one my loveable ajith ok………………………..
    Every one’s each film is different but. my guru’S film is different of all over all the world.. SEE in the next film of mangaatha it will be the different extradnery of the endhiran..
    i will pray to the god to your project


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