‘Content is king’ – Yugi Sethu


‘Content is king’

What’s Hot catches up with actor, director and screenplay writer Yuhi Sethu


He’s played memorable characters, which had a connect with the audiences, in films It’ like Ramana (Constable Saravanan), Panchathantiram (Vedham) and Anbe Sivam (Uthaman), but Yuhi Sethu has been keeping a low It profile for the last few years.As a script writer, he was associated with films of K S Ravikumar and Kamal Hassan. Now, after a long break from films, he is back with Aasal, starring Ajith, for whom he the earlier wrote in Villain. He’s also doing a comedy role as Don Samosa in the film.

Its nice to see that you are back in films; you’re also writing the screenplay of Aasal, after so many years.

It was a deliberate decision to keep away from Tamil films as writers are not given their due. In 50s and 60s you had powerful writers like Annadurai, Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Kothamangalam Subbu. But over a period of time, writer went on to become director, producer and an actor. The concept of the film writer was reduced and they were poorly paid. I strongly believe that content the king and for that, you have recognise writers.

How did you become a part of Aasal?

I was called in by Ajith to help out the writing of the script. We shared good vibes during our Villain days. Ajith respects writers and he also understands the importance of a script. Saran the director is a great improviser on the sets, and Ajith’s contribution was great.

What is the one-line story of Aasal?

It is an MGR-meets-Sivaji film, meaning action and sentiments have been woven together. The story is about an international negotiator and middleman, who is betrayed by his kith and kin. How he takes vengeance against those who betrayed him forms the rest of the story.

Does the film have all the regular items associated with a Tamil superstar action film?

Aasal is completely new in concept. There are no punchlines by the hero and no dialogues of other characters praising his skills. Ajith has hardly three pages of dialogues in the entire film; hence the tagline — power of silence. There are no scenes or close-ups trying to create a halo around the hero. All the characters have been given equal footage. There are seven villain characters, but each has a different characterisation.

Why did all the three of you share the credits for story, screenplay and dialogues?

It was I who suggested that Ajith should be given credit for his contribution to the script. Almost the entire talkie portion of the film was shot in France and Malaysia, while a few songs were shot on studio sets in India. Normally, it is the other way around. At every point, we discussed the story and presentation as Ajith wanted it to be logical, but at the same time entertaining. One day, around midnight, while we were discussing the film, both Saran and I suggested that Ajith do the father’s role (which is very crucial to the narration) as well. He readily agreed. Ajith was there throughout the mixing and editing; so, he deserves to get credit for it.

Your future plans…

I’m trying to promote independent cinema. In my next film, I will be playing a hero and directing it. The film’s in English and is titled I Love America; it’s a Mr Bean type of film and a tribute to my guru and role model Allen.

Source: Times of India (Dated: 5-2-2010)

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  1. backer says

    hi thala fan……asal release yesterday in malaysia ..6.00pm ….i shall watch it today…thala alway rocks……..<<<<

  2. Thala fan says

    Film has not released in Atlanta :(:(:(:(
    This s d first time i am gonna miss the first day first show of thala film…:(:(:( I am not sure what d hell happen to these guys here… They have released AO, Vettaikaran, Aadhavan etc. But not ASAL :(:(:(

  3. thala says

    Ajith who went off the radar in his last ‘Aegan’, is back fit and fine in ‘Asal’. And perhaps to compensate the ‘Aegan’ disappointment, he hogs all the limelight giving audience a double delight in the movie.

    Though the story is not new, it is all about style and substance and the film is loaded with rich visuals and breathtaking sequences, making it a quality outing.

    When a hit pair comes together, the expectations always bound to be high. So when Ajith and director Saran, who have back to back successes under their belt (‘Kadhal Mannan’, ‘Amarkkalam’ and ‘Attagasam’) joined hands for ‘Asal’, there was an air of expectancy.

    ‘Asal’ not just rises up to that level, but also good in its own way especially because Ajith is energetic and Saran efficient. Their good vibes are evident on screen.

    Sivaji Productions deserves all credit, for at a time when the film industry is facing some troubled times, a production house going all guns without anything in mind but to come out with a quality product, deserves applause.

    Unlike their earlier outings, Saran and Ajith have consciously chosen not to load the movie with mass hero matters and commercial elements alone. The intelligence in ‘Asal’ lies in giving them in the under current as the story flows. At the same time, the film has not disappointed ‘Thala’ fans too as they have moments to rejoice in cinema halls.

    Yuhi Sethu, who is known as a taut screenplay writer, has ensured that the script has no loose ends and there is no logical lapse. Of course, with Ajith’s name as co-director, it makes one sit up and watch. The actor seems to have involved himself in the filmmaking department knowing his strength and the taste of his ardent-fans.

    Jeevanathan (Ajith) is an arms dealer in France who supplies artillery only to the government. His sons are Sam (Sampath Raj), Prasad (Rajeev Krishna) and Shiva (Ajith). Sam and Prasad sideline Shiva all the time.

    When the elder sons decide to strike a deal to sell weapons to a terror group, trouble breaks out. In spite of their father’s resistance, they go ahead with their plans with the help of their uncle (Milind). Crossing swords with them is a Mumbai-based group led by Shetty (Kelly Dorji).

    What starts from here is a battle between brothers, besides their war with the competitors. The swiftness in the screenplay begins here. It is from here the movie takes a roller-coaster ride.

    There is Sara (Sameera Reddy), who works in Franch Embassy and falls for Ajith. The scene-stealer here is Sulabha (Bhavana). Her scenes especially on Valentine’s Day is rip-roaring fun. Meanwhile there is Daniel Dharmaraj (Suresh) a French cop who adds twits to the tale.

    Though influence of Hollywood movies like ‘Payback’ could not be avoided especially in the second half, one can forget the fact since ‘Asal’ is a rich attempt that is bright and beautiful. The conviction in narration and character establishment (except that of villains) is praiseworthy. Yuhi Sethu as Don Samosa provides lighter moment in the movie.

    It’s Ajith’s aura all through. He brings all the necessary tricks involved to make the double role look different and also appeal to the masses. As father, he is stylish and elegant. As the son, he is committed. Though the former comes for just 15 minutes on screen, he walks away with all applause. Ajith is willing and efficient. He has a raw passion and comes out shining in the double role. He has the right nuances to differentiate the two characters. After a brief gap, one could see the actor fresh and fine in dance sequences too. He carries the story on his broad shoulders. The film’s success is mainly due to him. If ‘Billa’ showed him oozing all stylish, ‘Asal’ showcases him on roles with style and substance.

    Sameera Reddy is chirpy and vivacious. Happy that Kollywood has an actress who combines glamour with performance. It’s a welcome break for Bhavana. The actress understanding the responsibility on her seems to have taken the role in her stride and renders enough justice to it.

    As usual, Prabhu (who is the producer too) has been breezy and impressive on his part, while the rest of the cast do have a part to play in the script.

    Prashanth D Mishalae, a former associate of Nirav Shah, is simply the man of the moment. His lens has given the whole movie a fresh coat. Stylish and suave all through, the cinematography sets up the momentum. Especially those sequences in France with different tone and colour, is a revelation to Tamil cinema.

    Movies on underworld or those about a don do always have some breathtaking stunt sequences and so does ‘Asal’. The stunt choreographers including William Ong, Kanal Kannan, Thalapathi Dinesh, Patrick Bruneton have done justice to opportunities provided to them.

    Bharadwaj seems to have repeated the magic (if you are ready to forget the background score). The songs are pleasant to listen to. Watch out for ‘Em Thandhai…’ and ‘Tottadoing…’, they rock in the theatres.

    To sum it up, Ajith, Saran and Bharadwaj have the struck the right chord again- for ‘Asal’ in an unpretentious entertainer. Apart from the storyline, everything seems to be original here.

    Asal – Attractive

  4. rafe says

    Aasal/ Asal theatre lisiting in North India
    Ambili [February 5, 2010, 12:12:02 PM]
    Here comes good news for all Ajith fans in North India. Aasal (also spelt as Asal) will be released in 279 cinema theatres across North India, including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Ahmedabad. The Ajith-Saran combo has given the hit films Kadhal Mannan, Amarkalam and Attagasam.

    Hence, the same super hit formula is expected to work for Aasal, which has many highlights: Ajith’s 49th film, Saran-Ajith-Bharadwaj combo, big banner Sivaji Productions and of course Ajith’s different look. After Billa, Ajith has come out with a new look for this film which has further raised public expectations. Thala plays a French citizen. The movie has two heroines: Bhavana and Sameera Reddy.

    Check out Aasal’s theatre schedule for North India:

    Mumbai – Theatre and the Timing

    Aurora – 12 PM, 3 PM

    PVR – 10.50 AM, 1.15 PM, 6.10 PM, 8.35 PM

    PVR – 1.30 PM, 6.30 PM, 8.50 PM

    Fame – 7:00 PM

    Movie time – 1.15 PM, 7.45 PM

    Cinemax (Sion) – 10:00 PM

    Cinemax (Eternity, kandivili) – 6.45 PM

    Cinemax (vashi) – 7.00 PM

    Cinemax (Goregaon(E)) – 1.15 PM

    Metro Adlabs – 8.30 PM

    Big (Mulund) – 6.05 PM

    Big-Imax – 8.35 PM

    Big (Kanjurmarg) – 5.25 PM, 8.10 PM

    Big (Ghatkopar) – 8.10 PM

    Big (Vashi) – 8.05 PM

    Sahakar – 10.00 PM

    Eros – 10:00 AM

    Anil – 6.30 PM

    Parvathy – 10:00 AM

    Lakshmi – 6.30 PM

    Dreamland – 10:00 AM


    Fame- Fun Shop – 8:00 PM

    E Square – 9.30 PM

    Inox – 6.30 PM

    Fame – 7.45 PM

    Big Gold – 1.30 PM


    Review – 6.30 PM


    Himalaya – 5.10 PM

    Cinemax – 8.15 PM

    Apsara – 10:00 AM


    PVR Sahara – 10 PM, 3.35 PM, 6 PM, 10.50 PM


    Fame – 8:00 PM

    Check out

  5. prabu cancan says


  6. rafe says

    sssssssssss correct prabu i agree with u support jayatv,kalaingartv,vijaytv,but anycondition nosupport4 sungroups big anemy 4 all of uuuuuuuuuu

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