Shalini’s Interview to Malayalam Magazine Vanitha (Malayala Manorama)


English Translation:

Heading: BABY OF BABY SHALINI [thalas wife is popularly known as baby shalini in kerala]

shalini was the chella kutty of all the malayalees when she acted during her childhood days as mamaatikuttyamma..but our very own maamaatykutty has grown up and her whole life is now around her daughter anoushka.

1.will your daughter act like you did in your childhood?

a. as of now we hav no idea of making her to act. she imitates me aftr watching my films.she has watched all my films,ajith’s films,shamilis and richards films..she thinks that everyone in the world acts in day she asked her grandfather that why havent she seen him in any films…last week i went to ajiths shooting with her.she cried out appa appa but he dint turn. she just took the microfone and called ajithkumar come here.everyone burst into laughter.

2. has the old naughty baby shalini transformed into a strict mother?

a. i would never scold her or beat her.our work is to grow her up as a girl with self is left to fate.even if she commits a mistake she should feel that we are with her always.if we are strict she wont feel tht secure feeling.

3.most of the actress come back to films after their kid starts goin to school.what about you?

a. when she starts to go to school i would like to have another wish is to have 3 kids.may be because my family had 3 kids. that means we should wait for a long time to see u on screen?

a .i wish to giv more importance to my family rather than films.i feel happy when people say they miss me on screen.i feel i left cinema at the right time and thats why i still get respect as an actress.i hav seen many actress coming back to cinema after some time.but i dont think i have that much capacity to concentrate both on acting and family.

4.usually star pairs would not stand for long.but some pairs like yu live so

a. we should give each other some space.petty indifferences should be openly discussed then itself half of the problems would be sorted.we should not prick our nose into our partners life.ajith always says this word”vaazhu vaazha vidu”.thus we are happy.

6.but is it possible to stay away and let your partner do anything he wants?

a .i dint mean we should stay away.we hav to tell our opinion.but we shouldnt impose our opinion on our partner.if our partner finds joy in doing something we should let him do it.for eg.ajith loves car racing.if you ask him do u want to be an actor or car racer he would definitely say i wanna bcome a car racer.he dint had the money then.but now when he has the money to do it if he says my wife wont let me do it would it be i told him to pursue his passion.

7.doesnt a risky and dangerous hobby like racing increase ur BP?

a. many hav asked me can you be cool.cant you ask him not to go.but i have faith in his skills and i know how much he loves racing.but truth is i always have fear in my mind.all i can do is pray and i do that.

8.doe ajith drive always like he is in a race?

a. no ajith is a very safe driver.he makes sure everyone has strapped on seat belts nbefore driving.he is also very cautious so that no laws are broken.he is always caring for everyone else.while in a flight he makes sure that everyone gets down and then only finally would he get down after ensuring that noone needs help.if old age people fined it difficult to carry luggage he makes it a apoint to go and help them with the luggage.

9.other than car racing what are the other hobbies of ajith?

a. flying miniature aeroplanes after setting their engine and using remote control is another hobby,in his free time you can find him at a aero club in a aplace called maduranthakam flying these things.he has a hobby room in our house for preparing these machines.even during the break time in shoots you can find him browsing wbites for info about aeromodelling. you accompany ajith in shooting sites?

a. before i used to accompany him to almost all shoots.but not if the shoot is in chennai only i would go and anoushka is my world.i have a very strict rule that i have to do evrything for her and be with her all the time.after growin up she wont have time with me as she would be busy with her i enjoy every possible moment with her,every evening we go out a days ii leave her in playschool for some time so that she would adjust herself to the school life.

11.have you learned cooking?

a. to be frank im not that great a cook.but ajith is an expert in cooking.he loves doing experiments in the kitchen..he cooks biriyani for fourty or fifty people with ease like experts do using the”biriyani chemb”.i have watched speechlessly when he cooks so deliciously and such huge quantity with that much ease..

12.what about your career in badminton?

a. well that was a coincident.ajith used to play badminton with his friends.well ajith insisted me on playing one day.suddenly i got addicted to the game and started training with a coach.after winning two or three tournaments i gained confidence.but this is before anoushka was born.

13.dont you have contacts with old friends?

a. no.after a long time kunjacko boban[an actor in malayalam industry who hav given some super hits with shalini.they were the most happening on screen pair in kerala for some time] called me.ajith have talked with me in kunjackos fone during shooting when we were in love and i dint hav a one else hav contact as of now….

Translation by Anand

Source: Vanitha (Malayalam magazine) (Dated: 17-1-2010) – Special Thanks to Malluvision

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  1. HBK says

    onnum puriyala….. Please translate fast….. Anyhow, pictures really are good, especially baby anoushka….. *THALA* born to win…..

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  3. Rani says

    Hi Anni

    It’s very nice interview…. Ayyooo Chooooo sweet….. Anni i like you very much you know… i want to speak with you, but i didn’t know how? I like your films, especialy your childhoold films. Pls anni en kita peasuvingala en email id’ku unga number kuduka mudiuma?… Pls pls pls One time’athu unga kita peasanum.

    Take care of Anna & Anouksha chellam….




  5. says

    Wow,how long have i been waiting for such an is great.Shalini is always my favorite and baby of baby shalini looks like baby Krishna who came in Colors channel

  6. mathamgi k prakash says

    hi,my mamattikuttiyamme. i am a great fan of u and ur daughter anoushka. hope u and ur family is fine……. i like to contact with u as soon as possible…………pls……..pls…. pls come back to films as fast as u can………..
    with lots of love,
    ur fan

  7. gouthami k prakash says

    hi, shalini chechi, i am only four years old. my sister mathamgi writes this. s i am a small girl i had only seen ur film ‘ALAIPAYUTHE AND ENTE MAMATTIKUTTYAMMAYKU’, I AM REALLY SORRY FOR THAT. i like u and ur baby. consider me as ur daughter please……………
    with love,
    gouthami or anumol

  8. mathamgi k prakash says

    eh, this is not fair. not fair at all.. shalini chechi you know my e-mail.then why cant u leave a raply… i thought u love everyone.. leave it. dont become angy with me.. ok ok ok. u know i am asmall singer. i like u to hear my song for one time. plz…..plz…..plz… ayyayyo sorry sorry……extremely is ur family? and how is my sister anoushka. oh,can i consider her as my sister. i also have one sister named gouthami k prakash. ilove babies. my sister is in lkg and i am in 9th standard in m.e.s.udyogamandal school, eloor,ernakulam,kerala,india…. where are u living chechi. let god bless u to achieve more and more in ur profession……….
    i conclude by hoping that u will surely leave a reply to me as soon as possible and if not again i wont love u… but still i love u chechi……
    with lots of love,

  9. Remya says

    Hi……Shalini chechi,
    I like ur way of performance,style and especially ur romantic eyes.Chechiyudae aaradigaya njanum.

    Wishing u all success,

    Remya Nair

  10. Jayan B. Nair says

    Hai,Mamati/chellakuty/baby salini

    I wish to hear the above always about salini… of my rememberance.

    You are still in our heart as a kid.

    I am wishing you happy and properous life.

    Jayan nair from palakkad

  11. santhosh priya says

    hi Shalini………
    u and our Ajith sir are one of the best couples in the world…..Anoushka is a cute angel of your’s………
    my wish is to meet Ajith sir oneday in my life and to have contact with him for lifelong……..

  12. Vishnu Raj says

    Hai shalini chechi.
    I am a great fan of you and your husband.Now iam a fan of ur daughter also.I like and love all ur films especially Alaipayuthey,Aniyathipravu,Niram………….Because i like your acting and the love stories very much.We not only see that films but also we feel it.Excellent CHECHI.
    In one sentence “YOU ARE A GIFT OF GOD TO US”
    A Loving Fan

  13. says

    hey chippy,your actually divya rengith ? malayalacinemayku aa old shaleena sundariyaya chippiye avashyamundu pls comeback to malayalam film industry …… pls………

  14. abhinad.ks says

    Hello,shalinichechi malayalam marannupoyo we are waiting for ur good comeback in the malayalam industry vava kutty!how are you ajith sir ur very lucky man in the would you have a good partner and so sweet babyshalin.

  15. Menaka Baskaran says

    Thank you so much Anand for translating this piece into English! What a good interview and I like the way the journalist has asked penetrating questions unlike the entertainment media in Tamil Nadu (whether in Tamil or English) that always seem to ask superficial questions. I love the way the journalist probed her on whether it is ok for a spouse to just let the other half to what he or she wants. And Shalini’s answers show her maturity and grasp of things. Loved her answer about married actress coming back to films. No wonder Ajith fell for this charming, intelligent young woman when he met her on the set of Amarkalam. Shalini is a true example that a woman can enter the film industry and come out of it with respect and honour. During her short film career as a heroine (I speak from the perspective of Tamil movies) she never did glamorous roles or indulged in acts on screen that she was not uncomfortable with. She is a truly priceless gem and certainly the best thing that ever happened to Ajith. She is a shining example of what the love of a good woman can do to a man. Marrying her was the wisest decision that Ajith ever made. Once again a big thank you for translating this article into English!

  16. surya says

    shalu….. where were you? ??i feel so happy seeing you after a long time.i like your kid so much, she s so cute. beyond words…. love you so much……………………………………… …………………………….. ………………………

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