Ajith Kumar heart touching deed


Ajith Kumar heart touching deed

Sometimes, when we look upon the personalities who had lived before centuries and look up for inspirations, we find surprising to see someone who has been around us performing such beautiful deeds in their lives. Mother Teresa said Love is God and when you show your love to someone, God is seen there and heaven dwells.

The wonderful deed of Ajith Kumar that was revealed before few minutes has something more relevant to this. Before three years, the actor had helped a little girl suffering from cancer and her father was bound to severe financial crisis that he couldn’t afford it. On hearing this news, Ajith Kumar rushed to the situation and donated Rs. 25Lacs for her treatment and took a promise that this shouldn’t be revealed to anyone.

Nearly after three years, the good deed comes revealed through the girl’s father who says that if Ajith Kumar hadn’t been at the crucial time, he would have lost his daughter. Today, the girl is completely cured from cancer and what’s more great to hear is that her father has come out of the financial crisis. As he brings the good news, he says that now that he has gained pretty good profit and status in his business, he is ready to transfer his entire property to Ajith Kumar if he wishes. The little girl being an ardent Ajith fan has tattooed his name on her right hand.

That’s so heart-touching, isn’t it?

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