1. Antony says

    i dont any ony song really, if mangatha songs is very good and we need like that or more, allarukum pattugal hit akumbodh thala ki patu pana sona indha mathiri ., in this five songs i like first song nice one, i ilke that

  2. Eppovome Thala Kirukan says

    As i thought song are not good as expected any body will forget in few
    days and the reason Stupid director Vishnu ,first he said songs will
    chart busters non of them make me impress at all and all my hope movie wont be as crap as his previous movies and hope Thala movies
    break all the record done by others!!!Im atheist not believe in God ,for the sake of Thala i pray for Thala to become hit again the reason
    Stupid director Vishnu !!!!!!! Thala i beg you please this kind of director who waste ur time and give empty promises !!!

  3. sunil says

    songs are brilliant with different colorful music. 5 different varieties. Yuvan has done his magic again. Its far far more better than mankatha. All are repeatedly hearing songs. But if they wud have kept an audio release function, it wud have reached to a wider audience because the songs are really superb. They should keep audio release for this kind of songs. Nowadays i am seeing many new movies with new heroes keeping audio function, but their songs are crap.

  4. says

    Mr. Ramesh and Antony san,

    If u are saying good song as a bad, the same attitude you will be applied in your all activities and that will be creating problem in your future. even if you dont like ajith, first yourself you should make it clear. We are not bother about your comments and your comments will not be impact ajith film.
    would like to advise you to change your attitude and this will be change your negative thinking.

    Thala Rasigan

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