Inspired Ajith Film Songs

01 I love you [Film: Citizen]

Copied from Sasha’s ‘I feel lonely’

Music Deva

Comments: Ditto!

Download Citizen – I like you / I Feel Lonely – Sasha

02 Pookara [Film: Citizen]

Inspired from Abba’s Take a chance on me.

Music Deva

Comments: Personally, I think that this copy is a needless one Deva hasn’t even done a single change on the lifted piece. It’s simply shameless!

Download Citizen – Pookara / Abba – Take a chance on me

03 O Nenjae [Film: Mugavari]

Partially inspired from Backstreet Boys’ ‘ Get Down’

Music Deva

Comments: Listen very carfuly at the begining of the song.

Download Mugavari – O Nenja / Get Down – Backstreet Boys

04 Hey keechu kiliye [Film: Mugavari]

Ripped off from Dr Alban’s ‘Enemies’ track.

Music Deva

Comments: Ditto. But Deva has done a commendable job in the subsequent paras, good work.

Download Mugavari – Hey hey kichu / Dr Alban – Enemies

05 Poo virinjaachu [Film: Mugavari]

Lifted from the song ‘That thing you do’ from the OST of the film with the same name!

Music Deva

Comments: Ditto. Shameless! Listen carefully from 01:31 to 01:34 – Doesn’t this humming remain you the group Aqua’s superhit “Barbie Girl”?

Another lifted piece from 03:03 to 03:32 – This lifted piece has directly been copied from Wes’ Alane. But Deva has worked it pretty well.

Download Mugavari – Poo Virinjaachu / That thing you do – OST

Mugavari – Poo Virinjaachu / Barbie Girl – Aqua

Mugavari – Poo Virinjaachu / Wes – Alane

06 Thilothama [Film: Aasai]

Partially inspired from Ofra Azha’s ‘Galbi’

Music Deva

Comments: Very well inspired! The tune has been worked upon pretty well.

Download Aasai – Thilothama / Ofra Haza – Galbi

07 Meenamma [Film: Aasai]

Beats inspired from Genesis’s song ‘Mama’

Music Deva

Comments: Beats lifted!


08 Pul veli [Film: Aasai]

Minor copy. A guitar piece lifted from Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’.

Music Deva

Comments: Just a guitar piece! Listen carefully from 03:54:05 onwards in Maggie May.

Download Aasai – Pulveli / Rod Stewart – Maggie May

09 Oh sona [Film: Vaali]

Inspired from 2 sources! Almost the entire song is inspired by the classic ‘Suzanna’ by The Art Company. The second interlude is a direct lift of Francis Lai’s theme music for the movie ‘Love Story’ (also sung by Andy William’s as ‘Where do I begin’). And Michael Jackson’s History

Music Deva

Comments: One of the all-time classic lifts of Deva. A very beautiful job indeed! Fits so well in Tamil!

Comments: A third copy adds further to the 2 previous ones: The speaking voices at the beginning of the song (enumerating dates) have been lifted from Michael Jackson’s History

Download Vaali – Sona sona / Michael Jackson – History

Vaali – Sona sona / The Art Company – Suzanna

Vaali – Sona sona / Theme from love story

10 Vaanil [Film: Vaali]

Inspired from Michael Jackson’s ‘Is it scary’.

Music Deva

Comments: Another copy of Michael Jackson! In fact, don’t you think it’s scary that Deva dares to attack the “King of Pop” himself? It really seems that nothing stops Deva!

Download Vaali – Vaanil / Michael Jackson – Is it scary

11 April mathathil [Film: Vaali]

Murray Head’s ‘One Night In Bangkock’

Music Deva

Download Vaali – April mathathil / Murray Head – One Night In Bangkock

12 Yaaro yar yaaro [Film: Ullasam]

The opening is clearly lifted, from Mahler’s Fourth Symphony! Also the first interlude after the opening para is again a clean lift of Hayden’s Trumpet Concerto in E.

Music Karthik Raja

Comments: Two lifts in the same song! Quite rare. Goes on to show that Karthik Raja is a big fan of Western Classical music! But the tune remains very original.


13 Veesum kaatrukku [Film: Ullasam]

The opening para copied from the song from Disney’s Pocahontas, ‘Listen with your heart’!

Music Karthik Raja

Comments: Superb copy. This song was one of my personal favorites! It still is!

Download Ullasam – Veeesum Kaatru / Pocahontas – Listen with your heart

14 Cholaare [Film: Ullasam]

Inspired from Sukhbir’s ‘Oi tiresto’.

Music Karthik Raja

Comments: The tune has been inspired and not copied in this case. Genuine inspiration. Sukhbir himself is known for amazingly shameless copying, so in all probabilities, his version is not original either! If we get the absolute original, that could give us a better picture.

Download Ullasam – Cholarae Cho Cho / Sukhbir – Oi tiresto

15 Title song ‘Kannai kasakkum’ [Film: Red (2002)]

The entire prelude lifted directly off Den Harrow’s ‘Catch the fox’!

Music Deva

Comments: Strange that Deva didn’t lift the actual tune! Another interesting aspect is a particular piece of music in the Den Harrow original, that was also used by Deva, by virtue of it being a direct lift! Now, Harry Anand’s remix of the R D Burman oldie from Caravan (1971), ‘Chadti Jawani’ also had the exact same piece as an interlude!!

Download Red – Red / Catch The Fox By Den Harrow

16 En Manathai [Film: Kalluri Vasal]

Inspired from Michael Jackson’s ‘Will you be there’.

Music Deva

Comments: Very well inspired! The copied tune has been worked very well!

Download Kaluri Vasal – En Manathai / Michael Jackson – Will you be there

17 Kiss me [Film: Kalluri Vasal]

Inspired from 2 Unlimited’s Twilight zone

Music Deva

Comments: Good job. Deva has done a good work on the lifted piece so that it fits very well to the song.

Download Kaluri Vasal – Kiss me / Two unlimited – Twilight zone

18 Katraga varuvayae [Film: Unnaiththedi]

Partially inspired from Deep Forest’s Twosome

Music Deva

Comments: Very well copied! The lifted piece fits so well to the song that it passes virtually unoticed. Good job!


19 [Film: Nesam]

Inspired from Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Revolution’.

Music Karthik Raja