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Ajith Kumar – An Environmentalist

We @ remember Dr.Norman Borlaug, the father of India’s Green Revolution once quoting “Man seems to insist on ignoring the lessons available from history” with respect to how the present age human tend to neglect the consequences of ignoring nature and humanity.

Its not gonna be tough for us to relate this to Mr. Ajith Kumar, an actor, a Car racer and in this context, an Environmentalist. The actor truly beleives in respecting the world around him and the world he is in. Admist his busy schedule and family commitments which everyone of us are bound to , Ajith spends good amount of time towards making his environment eco-friendly , clean and green.

Tree plantation, subtle marketing favoring green and clean environment through his movies are regular activities through which he makes the world know the importance of leading a hygenic and healthy life and also being nice to the planet which we are in.

Ajith is clever, he knows the best mode of transmitting his thoughts to the public. Wanna know how he does. Almost every Ajith fan who meets the actor would be preached and requested to be a part of this Green revolution. (Green revolution is not just planting trees, saving our planet from famine, taking care of the food needs, healthy nutrition and more comes under Green Revolution).

Not to miss , Ajith is the founder of a non-profit organisation “Mohini-Mani Foundation” named after his parents in order to promote and educate people about self-hygiene and civic consciousness. Through this organisation, the actor has great plans to promote Green revolution .

Ajith is also the Brand Ambassador of Green revolution. This says all about the actor’s humanity and commitment towards the society .

On a eco-friendly drive

Actor Ajit pet cause now is protecting the environment

AFTER A fairly successful stint with motor racing, actor Ajit’s pet project now is meeting his fans and spreading the message of eco-conservation.

He has been traversing the State systematically, covering entire districts and ensuring that at least some of his fans go back enlightened on the need to plant more trees and segregate waste at home.

In Coimbatore to meet his fans in this region, he spent a whole 12 hours shaking hands with them and handing out pamphlets that detail the need to protect Mother Earth.

His fans are not complaining. Many waited for hours to meet him, even foregoing lunch in the process. And, shaking hands? Well, that is their idea of heaven.

Ajit played the perfect host, making every fan feel comfortable, walking up to talk to those physically challenged and trying his best to make them forget their disability for a while.

Maadhu, a middle-aged woman who cannot walk, crawled her way up to the Ramakrishna Kalyana Mandapam to meet her dream hero. Students from Mettupalayam, who skipped school to attend the programme, said they would go back and plant trees if that is what `He’ wanted them to do.

Dated: Monday, Mar 21, 2005

Actor Ajith’s greening drive

RESIDENTS of the First and Second Seaward Road in Tiruvanmiyur were surprised to notice someone, who is neither a politician nor a local leader, planting saplings in all the roads a fortnight ago.

A closer look revealed it was matinee idol, Ajith.

A resident of Valmiki Nagar, the Kollywood star, along with his father, mother and wife, planted 100 saplings in the four Seaward roads in the area.

M.B. Nirmal, founder president, Exnora, said the actor’s parents have been members of Exnora for over a decade and had contributed a lot to greening efforts in Norton Road, Mandaveli.

Ajith says deforestation was causing a lot of problems and he wanted to educate the people on issues concerning the environment.

“It’s time we started paying attention to issues relating to the environment such as tree planting and segregating garbage, which has to be taken up at the grassroots level,” he says.

The actor has also asked members of his fans’ association to take up sapling planting work seriously.

With the help of his fans’ association, the actor proposes to plant at least 1 lakh saplings annually throughout the State.

Dated: Wednesday, Jan 05, 2005