Satish, a thala fan had his dream come true when he met Ajith at the sets of billa erected at AVM studios. He narrates the happy moment:

Me and my friends went today to avm studios thru a contact knwn by my friend’s mother…we were all anxiously waitin to meet thala and were waitin outside a van..suddenly thala came out of the van..we were speechless on cin him..he was absolutely smashin and was in a hurry to goto the set tat was erected inside..we shook hands wit him and took a photo wit him!!!..tis is the happiest moment in my life!!!..then we were taken inside the studio and there was a room..the room was stylish and classy..fantastic lightin.. thala was sittin and heroine nayanthara and the fellow who acted as agaram sethu in kakka kakka was standin there..director vishnuvaradhan was xplainin a scene to we were a few mts away..cldnt hear wat was goin on..but cld c clearly as wat was happenin there..then we were watchin thala spellbound for 30 min…i was pinchin myself and didnt knw whether it was a dream or reality…unforgettable day in my life!!!

here is the pic of thala comin..taken by my friend..he is seen wit the producer anandha suresh…i will post the grp photo of us standin wit thala i dont hv it wit me rite


Thala looks smashing.

[Source: orkut]